Arno Carstens had over 20 top ten singles and won 5 SAMA Awards, including Best Rock Album in 2004 for “Another Universe” and Best Adult Contemporary Album in 2006 for “The Hello Goodbye Boys”.

During his 20-year career, Arno has performed with U2, The Rolling Stones and REM, among many others; has headlined every major South African music festival; and performed at some of the most legendary and exclusive international music festivals, including Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, V Festival and Hard Rock Calling.

Arno has published several albums, produced a number of hit singles, and won multiple accolades including Song of the Year, Best Alternative Album, and Best Rock Album during his tenure as the main vocalist of The Springbok Nude Girls and later as a solo artist.



About Arno Carstens

Arno Carstens is also a celebrated fine artist, who paints in oils on canvas. The 2014 album cover for ‘Lightning Prevails’ was designed using an original painting done by Arno himself, in 2006.

Arno’s live performance set includes the hits from his career as front man of The Springbok Nude Girls, many of the beloved and most celebrated songs from his career as a platinum selling, award winning English solo artist and some popular cover tracks.

He also performs a bilingual set and includes the hits from the acclaimed album, “Die Aandblom 13”. The first single from the album, Ontwaak, recently won Song of the Year at the Bok radio annual awards and the music video has achieved over 115 000 views on YouTube.



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  • Springbok Nude Girls – It Became a Weapon EP (Epic, 1996)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – be-vest@iafrica.com EP (Epic, 1997)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – AfterLifeSatisfaction (Epic, 1997)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Omnisofa EP (Epic, 1998)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – OPTI MUM EP (Epic, 1998)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Surpass The Powers (Epic, 1999)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Un-E.Z. EP (Epic, 1999)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Relaxor (Epic, 2000)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – The Fat Lady Sings / Best of the Springbok Nude Girls 1995–2001 (Epic, 2001)
  • Arno Carstens – Another Universe (Sony, 2003)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Goddank Vir Klank 1994 – 2004 (Sony, 2004)
  • Arno Carstens – The Hello Goodbye Boys (SonyBMG, 2005)
  • Nude Girls – Nude Girls (Exclusive UK release)(Golden Fairy Records/SonyBMG, 2006)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Peace Breaker (SonyBMG, 2007)
  • Springbok Nude Girls Live at London's Astoria DVD (SonyBMG, 2007)
  • Bhelltower – Bhelltower (SonyBMG, 2008)
  • Arno Carstens – Wonderful Wild (Sony, 2010)
  • Arno Carstens – Wonderful Wild Deluxe Edition (Sony, 2010)
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Apes with Shades (Sony, 2011)
  • Arno Carstens – Atari Gala (Gallo, 2012)
  • Arno Carstens – Lightning Prevails (Sheer, 2014)
  • Arno Carstens – Die Aand EP (Select, 2016)
  • Arno Carstens – Die Aandblom 13 (Select, 2016)
  • Arno Carstens - Out of the Light into the Night (Arno Carstens, 2021)
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